Welcome to my workout page!

I try to vary my workouts and change the routine every now and then. I try to workout about 5 times a week. It took me a long time to realize, that the restdays are so important! Since I include them in my workout schedule religiously, I feel ten times better.

My workouts currently consist of 2-3 times HIIT&Interval Cardio, 3 times heavy weight lifting as a main part. My mornings always start with a light wake up workout, that for I use mainly YouTube videos aIl saved on my account. I would like to share my favorite workouts here with you!

Please note –  I am not a certified trainer. I might have a lot of experience in fitness and all kind of sports, but for a professional advice please turn to an expert. Any questions regarding these listed workouts feel free to ask! PS. You will never find burpees in my workouts. If I have to do a burpee, I start to cry excessively.

First of, my favorite YouTube channels – these videos I do in the morning or whenever I feel like a quick, intense workout:


TIU offers a nutrition plan (150$ – for a lifetime membership) and tons of free workout videos, challenge series and recipes. The community is huge and it has a great supportive and positive approach.


Cassey Ho is a great trainer and instructor. I love her videos, they are really intense and fun at the same time. Many of the videos are Pilates or based on Pilates exercises.


Gina is the voice behind and she is one of my favorite bloggers. She is also a personal trainer and instructor and offers great challenges throughout the year. I especially love her 5 minute-Ab Burners and Tabata videos!!


I only know a few videos of the Daily HIIT. I love the variety and the INTENSITY (omg, killing) of their workouts. Personally, I think they show too much of skinny skin, which could be a problem with body image issues. Besides that, I think they offer a huge choice of good and short workouts.


I absolutely LOVE Tara Stiles Yoga videos. They are short, effective and flow-y – just the way I love Yoga. She also has a great playlist on Live Strong Women called Yoga Solution – I am obsessed with these workouts.

Live Strong Woman

Live Strong Woman is a great collection of SO many workout playlists from different channels. It offers a huge choice of instructors, recipes and workout series. The Website with more Information and Health Tips can be found here.


I don’t browse the site so much, but I love the Class Fitsugar. A great collection of mostly 10 minutes whole body workouts, perfect if you want an effective session in a very short time!


And here are some of my favorite Cardio/Strength/Interval Circuits. I always make up new ones, but they all look basically the same – it’s a mix of HIIT, strength, steady cardio and interval:


Tim’s Interval-Run&Strength-Session in the park!

Set timer for 27 rounds of 40 sec high Interval, 30 sec low Interval

1st set: 40 sec sprint, 30 sec slow pace > 3 times

2nd Set: 40 sec lunges, 30 sec break > 3 times ; 40 sec step up (bench), 30 sec break

3rd set: Sprints again

4th set: Push ups (bench) > 3 times ; Tricep Dips (bench) > 3 times

5th set: Sprints again

6th set: Crunches > 3 times; Mountain Climbers > 3 times

CIRCUITS AND TABATA IN A RUN (or bike, elliptical, stairmaster etc.)

Run a steady pace for 15 minutes.

Circuit 1: 

30 lunges (15 each leg)

30 step ups (15 each leg)

20 push ups

> 3 rounds

Run a steady pace for 10 minutes.

Plyo Tabata: (20 sek powering, 10 sek break, 8 rounds = 4 minutes)

1. Knee Ups

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Plié Squat Jumps

4. Flying Lunges

Repeat 1 more time for a full Tabata.

Run a steady pace for 10 minutes.

Circuit 2: 

100 Sit ups or 1 minute Plank

30 Tummy Tucks (Plank Position, Knee to elbow, alternate)

20 Triceps Dips

> 3 rounds


And last but not least, some of my weight routines: 

2013-02-05-19-01-02 2013-02-12-19-52-02

Have FUN!!



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  1. Thank you so much for updating this – so helpful for me as I’m trying to make up my own workout routines including strength and cardio (can’t afford a trainer) and I’m a bit scared of the gym!

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