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  1. The irrevelance of being a people pleaser and how to make choices which please yourself


    3. July 2017 by Swiss

    Talking to people is my way of receiving inspiration to write. As such, thank you to everyone who enriches me …
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  2. Things I do to stay healthy and happy


    7. April 2016 by Swiss

    Back in my teenage years, I travelled through Southern England with the train, my backpack and my first big Love. …
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  3. Random Ramblings and Senseless Mutterings


    25. March 2016 by Swiss

    Ain’t nobody got time for sappy Intros. Certainly not me. Maybe I just insert a naughty joke of choice here, …
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  4. Pump up the Jam and Think Out Loud


    16. March 2016 by Swiss

    I feel the urge to talk in lists today. For some strange reason. We know by now that usually I …
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  5. Don’t grow up – it’s a trap.


    10. March 2016 by Swiss

    I’ve been to a couple of job interviews this week. ‘I said, this looks like a job for me, so …
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  6. So… and what are you doing now?


    25. February 2016 by Swiss

    Two weeks ago: Today: I officially arrived home. We all know meanwhile that I cycle in any seasonal condition. Cause …
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  7. Absurdities and Bizarnesses of my Travels


    6. January 2016 by Swiss

    Don’t get me on the no-word. I couldn’t find a noun for bizarre, so I made one up, roll with …
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