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  1. Motherhood as the ultimate lifegoal – and why I disagree.


    17. February 2017 by swissfitchick

    It took me several attempts to write an intro to this post; intros are – as we know by now …
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  2. Week in Review – Vibes


    1. May 2016 by swissfitchick

    Week in Review usually involves putting up with my shenanigans and the strange place called my mind – thank you …
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  3. Pearls of Wisdom


    27. April 2016 by swissfitchick

    Whenever I write these Pearls of Wisdom posts, I feel the urge to assure you that actually, I am a …
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  4. Things I do to stay healthy and happy


    7. April 2016 by swissfitchick

    Back in my teenage years, I travelled through Southern England with the train, my backpack and my first big Love. …
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  5. Never worth a pill.


    26. January 2016 by swissfitchick

    I am probably not the only one who is listening to this song non stop, actually constantly. Looking back to …
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  6. When you decide to take over


    27. September 2015 by swissfitchick

    Hey, Loves. I am not going to formulate any lame excuses, just sayin’ life happened. Some good, some bad – …
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  7. How I chase a dream and reach a goal


    12. July 2015 by swissfitchick

    I had the big big pleasure to skype with my Canadian Bestie Jennifer from Vancouver past week. Jen and I …
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