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  1. Why the comfort zone might be a virtue

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    15. July 2018 by Swiss

    When I research ‘comfort zone’ I come across articles which tell you why you should live a life outside of …
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  2. Millenials: ‘The hook up culture’ – limitations and benefits of the modern way of dating


    10. June 2018 by Swiss

    Going back and forth between the decision to stop or continue writing, my readers convinced me to come back and …
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  3. The Buddha taught that attachment that leads to suffering. So the most direct path to happiness and peace is detachment.


    23. February 2018 by Swiss

    I earn my living by giving love, providing security, support and commitment to abandoned teenagers, to young souls who have been experiencing …
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  4. Introversion as the new desirable personality trait – and why we are all ambiverts


    15. August 2017 by Swiss

    In today’s world of labels and a world that can’t stop talking, I can’t help but wonder – is being …
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  5. ‘The mind is everything. What you think, you become.’ – The significance of meditation’s power on your happiness.


    12. July 2017 by Swiss

    I have been talking about meditation a myriad of times and I will do so again today. I started meditating …
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  6. The irrevelance of being a people pleaser and how to make choices which please yourself


    3. July 2017 by Swiss

    Talking to people is my way of receiving inspiration to write. As such, thank you to everyone who enriches me …
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  7. Motherhood as the ultimate lifegoal – and why I disagree.


    17. February 2017 by Swiss

    It took me several attempts to write an intro to this post; intros are – as we know by now …
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