Introversion as the new desirable personality trait – and why we are all ambiverts


15. August 2017 by Swiss

In today’s world of labels and a world that can’t stop talking, I can’t help but wonder – is being an extrovert the new yesterday? And, if so, are introverts the new hipsters? Does the inevitable loudness of social media make people crave silence and dub introvertism as the next cool norm? Reading about these two personality traits, I am, in fact,  pleasantly surprised that society slowly unearth introversion and hail it into the spotlight as the new desirable trait. A lot of my friends are introverts and considering that introversion is, or often was mistaken for shyness – and assuming the fact that to be sociable means to be happy – I love this new age of celebrating the nerds in disguise.


‘A little hibernation is good for the mind. ‘ – Morning walks, Byron Bay, Australia, March 2017

When my classmates from 20 years back came round my place last week, we talked about the different ‘schoolmate-types’ – the clown, the cool boy, the nerd….and it made me do some thinking (which is always dangerous, I know) – it showed essentially, that people think introverts are sensitive nerds, while extroverts seem to be seen as buffoons who only babble about things without a smidgen of empathy.


‘Every word has its consequence. Every silence too.’ – Athlete at CrossFit Basel, August 2017


‘You live but once. You migth as well be amusing.’ – Street Workout Basel, Switzerland, August 2017

This isn’t entirely true at all. In fact, I feel the urge to come to defence of the extroverts, as I myself am called as one. Being around people and interact with them – admittedly on a rather loud level – going out on adventures, talking to strangers and being confident with all that; this totally flies with me, yes. I don’t sweat over going out of my comfort zone and being shy is un-fucking-heard of me. On the flip side, I am convinced more than humanly possible, that I am a very empathic person, which is why I’m pretty good at my job and good with friendships. Also, I love my space, freedom and the isolated days with a passion.


‘Always better when we’re together.’ – Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia, April 2017

When home alone, I do a ridiculous amount of reading, writing and being creative with photography – which I guess is meant to be the scene of the introverts. I enjoy traveling alone to the max and as such – even if my appearance won’t tell – I obviously am a total nerd. Parties and fun and all that makes me feel tremendously happy, yet my brain starts to churn and stress without any creative or intellectual input – just like my body which needs several hours of exercise each week. Not that this is an enviable trait – I wish I could bum around for days without getting a reminder from my body or my mind that they want to play. Much to my dismay, that’s just not gonna happen and I’m not even kidding.


‘If you can’t change circumstances, change perspective.’ – Harbour of Portixol, Palma de Mallorca, June 2017


‘Perspective comes in retrospect.’ Harbour Bridge, Sydney Australia, April 2017

Albeit loving to be an extrovert, I sometimes envy the coyly and witty way of people who call themselves introverts. Without a shadow of a doubt, this erroneous shyness has its points and is sexy. And maybe not always being argued about what you say could be relaxing (cough, I never argue, cough). When I do some research about the definition of an introvert though, I don’t find too many differences to an extrovert. Extrovertism is a personality trait that is associated with boldness, talkativness and being outgoing. Introvertism is more manifested in reserved and solitary behaviour. While my adrenaline is about to explode when I’m in the middle of all my friends, the introverts energy dwindles during this interaction and they might be overwhelmed by too much stimulation from social gatherings (I could give an incredibly childish retort to that but I practice self control when it comes to very basic jokes. I am 39 after all.). Introverts are also said to be more analytical before speaking. Mental note to self: I could possibly make this flaw a little more dominant in my life. Don’t comment that.


‘In a very gentle way, you can shake my world upside down.’ – Street Workout Basel, Switzerland, August 2917

Street WOrkout

‘Can we hang out today?’ – Street Workout Basel, Switzerland, August 2017

In the interest of full disclosure of this post, trait theories say that we are all ambiverts. Doesn’t that sound sexy – I suddenly feel all sorts of awkward, but I guess it makes sense. In a larger sense, it is said that we aren’t mutually exclusive introverts or extroverts, but we carry both traits in us with one of them being dominant. Ambiversion is falling more or less directly in the middle. I think I’m ok with that, even though I have never really felt comfortable in the maze of mediocrity. My circle of friends just calls me a freak. I’m ok with whatever.

xxx, Luce

4 thoughts on “Introversion as the new desirable personality trait – and why we are all ambiverts

  1. The Padre says:

    Interesting update as always. As for the classmates, just wait another 20 years. Keep on capturing these brilliant moments through the lens, allow your freak flag to fly, and seek the best possible out come.

    Big Hugs

  2. So you’re saying I’m a sexy hipster. I like it. I also love my introverted peeps: you and the Hubby.

  3. The Padre says:

    Hope Your Well And Traveling Often. Cheers

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