Friday Favorites – Friends, Healthy Superbowls, Personal Training


23. August 2013 by Swiss

Happy Friday!

I hope this week has been treating you well so far!

So today is a SPECIAL day!! My lovely Momma turns 60!!!! I am so happy to celebrate with her today and here’s to you Mom – I love you, you’re the BEST Mom I can wish for – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


After a rough start of the week, my funk disappeared just as appruptly as it appeared last weekend. Thank God. So this week had some great favorite moments in store for me. First, I met my friend Sandra at her place on Tuesday night and cooked for her one of my delicious bowls. This time: roasted salmon, coconut-cinnamon baked sweet potatoes, sauteed spinach and mushrooms, plus avocado.



After dinner, we moved to the living room, where she ironed her laundry and I chilled on the sofa while we chatted along all night. I loved it!!

I am so stoked by these healthy superbowls, I cooked even more of them almost every night this week.


Lemon soaked whitefish, sauteed spinach, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, a sweet potato (under there somewhere), avocado

Lemonized codfish, sauteed mushrooms, baked sweet potato, radish, avocado - a bowl full of deliciousness.

Lemonized codfish, sauteed mushrooms, baked sweet potato, radish, avocado

Two other friends’ date happened, this time over lunch – first with my Bestie – we cycled down to the river and found a bench with a beautiful view. We both were born and raised in Basel, but we had no clue that we actually have a beach! Ok, talking about a beach might be a little exaggerated, but we take it.

IMG_4650 IMG_4651

On the same day, I found the first organic and clean packed snack in Switzerland. Dried fruit with nothing added! Love it!


Thursday lunchtime I spent with Billy! We went to Dean&David, my favorite salad bar near my office. I went for the self creation and added chicken, goat cheese, cucumber, artichokes and tomatoes.

IMG_4674 IMG_4675 IMG_4676

You probably know by now that I am obsessed by my sweet eggy oats. I’ve been asked several time this week how I make them. I don’t even dare to call it a recipe, because it is SO simple and was mainly inspired by the two lovely ladies Sam and Amanda to combine eggs and oats.

So here’s the recipe:

1/3 cup oats (I take glutenfree oats)

1 cup water

1 heaped tbsp ground flaxseed

3 eggwhites

1/4 cup berries



a little salt

> Mix all together. Cook in a skillet as a scramble. Let it sit in the fridge overnight – it will be like a cold oatmeal bake in the morning. Heaven. Top with all your favorite toppings (Mine are: applesauce, almond butter (even better mixed with cacao and honey), chocolate chips – oh yes, I love to eat chocolate chips in the morning – crushed nuts, jam – the choices are endless!).


Speaking of toppings: Mom filled my pantry with her perfect homemade applesauce! HAPPY!


As for workouts: I am on a plan with nutrition and workout structure from a GREAT coach (a female, I talk about this later) from CA – but for the exercises and combining the workouts, I need a personal trainer who is training me face to face. I already talked about Markus who coached me for several years – and I couldn’t be happier to be back in training with him! We had a session yesterday to go through the exercises, creating my routines and working on my posture. We will only meet every 3 weeks to change up the workouts, but I am so motivated and feel so great with this structure as it makes me train efficiently without overdoing it.

IMG_4669 IMG_4667 IMG_4670

So today will consist of a run in the forest, a short GRIT class with my friend Oliver and later in the afternoon getting ready for Momma’s party!

Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday!

What was your dinner last night? 

What is something you ALWAYS top your salad with? 

What is something you ALWAYS top your oats/yogurt bowls/smoothies with? 



25 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Friends, Healthy Superbowls, Personal Training

  1. Uhm… If I come over, will you cook dinner for me too? Those superbowls of yours sound SO good. I honestly love those one bowl meals, and I can’t wait until the weather cools down a little and they become the perfect comfort food. And when it comes to oats (another perfect comfort food), I always, always have to have almond butter and some kind of sweetener. Sometimes it’s jam, applesauce, or banana, but lately I’ve been all about the honey.

    Happy Friday, love!

    • You’re heartly welcome here, anytime sweetie! 🙂
      Oh and YES for almond butter on oats. This morning I had applesauce, but almond butter and mixed with honey wins ALWAYS!!

  2. Mmm your Superbowls look fab! I am glad I’m not the only one who finds eating out of a bowl much more satisfying than a plate ;)! One of my favorite combos (vegan-friendly) includes quinoa, chickpeas, avocado, hummus and whatever grilled veggies (lately that’s been a mix of zucchini, mushrooms, green beans & squash)…and of course a drizzle of balsamic! On a more important note, happy 60th birthday to your lovely mom- hope you guys have a wonderful weekend of celebrations!

  3. Happy birthday to your Mum! Those Super Bowls look delicious 🙂

  4. Your bowls look so good Lucie. Happy birthday to your Mom – I hope you have a great time at the party. Last night I ate homemade chicken pasta bake (made with spelt pasta) and salad on the side – it was so good 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    Your mom is Gorgeous and doesn’t look a day past 35! I love the bowl meal idea your meals look like they are from a restaurant 🙂 I can’t wait to try your egg oats they loOK delicious although I have to omit oats and try brown rice instead! I have been enjoying rice in the am its so good mixed with flavors like nut butter! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend 🙂 love you lots love + shine courtstar

  6. Your superbowls look amazing! Definitely inducing a salmon/fish craving. And yes, oats and eggs are basically a perfect combo…I like to add some sort of nut butter and jam to mine! Or, sliced banana makes me happy too. Happy birthday to your mom!

  7. Mmmm that super bowl looks so good! I am going to try to recreate it. Your mom looks fabulous for 60!! Happy Birthday to her!!

  8. Those super bowls look amazing! And egg oats are the best! I always have protein and carbs for breakfast. Both are important!

  9. makingthymeforhealth says:

    All of those healthy superbowls look incredible! Sounds like you’re going to have a perfect Friday too. I haven’t tried GRIT yet but it looks like a great workout. I love LesMills classes.

  10. Happy birthday to your beautiful mom! I adore “bowl foods” so your bowl dinners looks great, and I am also a huge fan of eggy oats.

  11. Happy birthday to your mama!!! 🙂

    Your bowls look amazing!

    Egg Oats…I absolutely love egg oats!

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