What’s for Party tonight?


9. July 2013 by Swiss

I love parties. I especially love the ones at my home, with a ton of friends, drinks, chats, laughs and appetizers.

And since it is officially summer, it calls for parties, BBQ’s or invitations, right?

I used to organize such parties several times a year and always made sure there is loads of good food around. I especially wanted to offer a variety of healthy foods, as well as some treats. I don’t think that Party Food has to consist exclusively of fried items, Chips and Peanuts – even though they are definitely tasty once in a while – there are so many more delicious possibilities.


As you may have read in my Monday post, we hosted a little Party on Friday at our place. These are my favorite recipes to create:




Guacamole with low fat Greek Yogurt


Fajitas (could be whole grain or glutenfree – I didn’t have any)


Raw Veggie Sticks to Dip





And the sweets…..



As for drinks:

Aperol with a splash of Prosecco, lime, orange and water

Aperol with a splash of Prosecco, lime, orange and water

None of our friends complained that there were no greasy, fried items on the buffet and EVERYTHING was gone to the last bite.

I also found some great ideas on Pinterest:




‘FAUX’JITO – genius!!

Sooooo…..let’s PARTY!!!

What is your favorite drink when you are out? 

I love Aperol Spritz, but I ALWAYS have a huge glass of lemon water on the side. Even better with fresh strawberries and peppermint in it.

Do you have a favorite recipe for appetizers? Share the link below!



21 thoughts on “What’s for Party tonight?

  1. nadja says:

    wow! all that food and those drinks look delicious! Have a great day 🙂

  2. those mini football potatoes are adorable! I love making little pinwheel veggie sandwiches, or turkey ones. So simple & perfect 🙂

  3. I love the idea of using cucumber instead of crackers for the salmon! Your party foods look great Lucie, bet everyone appreciated them!

  4. Summer definitely calls for parties and I’m glad whenever there’s a good mix of snacks. Because yes, chips – especially tortilla chips – are a common and delicious one to bring. But I’m slightly disappointed when nobody adds a homemade appetizer or other item to the buffet. Luckily, there was some of both at the party I attended last weekend – though no fresh veggies but I that might just not be my fellow students’ idea of party food. Maybe the focus on healthier options will increase in them, too, as we get older? I’d have certainly been a happy guest at your party, too.

    • Well, I definitely spend more time creating appetizers as I am getting older, though I always made sure I have at least one healthy option. When I was invited, I just offered to bring something, which is a good way to add your taste! Enjoying some chips is totally ok, but I am even more happy when I have a choice!

      • I fully agree on the healthy options but as I never buy chips for myself I do enjoy some when at parties or other people’s. Had the party had a focus on food I’d have brought a healthy main, too. As we were mostly up for dancing, though, I just contributed a healthier quick-to-grab sweet option.

  5. Courtney @ Star Systemz says:

    Wow I love having parties at my place, it always makes for a good time especially when I get to make all the food! Its my favorite thing to watch people enjoy the food I have created!my favorite appetizer is hummus and raw veggies yummy love and shine Courtstar

  6. Great spread…I would not have complained either…everything looks yummy!
    Fav drink to order…raspberry mojitio

  7. I LOVE that fruit skewer idea. Those would be SO simple and easy to put together, too!

  8. I think I want to get invited to a BBQ at your place 😉 Everything looks fantastic! And looking at the other ideas, those mini potato footballs just look so freakin’ cute.
    Favourite drink…hmm, tough one. Lately, I’m been really liking Tom Collins and mojitos!

  9. That hummus looks amazing!

    Thanks for linking up to my recipe…I really appreciate that 🙂

    I love me a Virgin Caesar with a pickled asparagus!

  10. […] What’s for Party tonight? (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

  11. […] What’s for Party tonight? (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

  12. […] What’s for Party tonight? (swissfitchick.wordpress.com) […]

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